15KG/Spool CO2 Mig wire AWS ER70S-6

15KG/Spool CO2 Mig wire AWS ER70S-6

AWS ER70S-6 is a solid wire designed for all position welding by short-circuiting

type transfer. As the deposition efficiency is high and penetration is deep, highly

efficient welding can be performed. It is suitable for welding wheels in the 

construction of boiler and pipeline ,ship building, vehicle manufacturing and 

structural engineer

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AWS A5.18/A5.18M: 2005: ER70S-6




Flexible option of Clamshell, Plastic Spool, Steel Reel, Vacuum Sealed Foil Bag, OEM branding is supportive


Solid steel wire with copper coating


  • An engineered alloy providing superior impact toughness at low temperatures
  • Superior feeding and arc stability
  • ProTech packaging: Plastic Spool / Steel Reel / Vacuum Sealed Foil Bag

Typical Applications

  • Root pass welding
  • Hot, fill and cap pass welding of up to X70 grade pipe

Welding Position


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