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blister electrodes

Display packs of welding electrodes are available now! New design and retail-friendly blister packaging which is suitable for display. Each pack has professional and concise information in different languages to help customers select the correct welding rods and sizes they need, the electrodes inserted are clearly visible to understand the quality. We have a wide range of welding consumables to meet different demands. 

Electrodes in our blister packs are made to the exact rigorous specifications of our bulk product.  For excellent operator appeal, smooth arc features & a great welding performance every time!

We provide value-added service to help your business run smoothly and earn more money, if you have a product idea (how many pcs electrodes are to be put in the clamshell packs) we’ll offer photography and graphic design, and OEM labeling. We will guide you every step of the way from the prototype to the final product. New tooling (mold) of blisters is free of charge. 

All the products will have a family look and the whole range of welding consumables have hooks across that fit to existing display stands/Slatwall/pegboard. We provide more options of product customization, for example size-combination of 5pcs E6013 3.2mm + 5pcs E7018 3.2mm,  or specification combination of 5pcs 2.0mm + 5Pcs 2.5mm + 3Pcs 3.2mm, and packaging customization and more logistic solutions for shipments in smaller quantities. we offer many solutions to make your purchasing experience more convenient and affordable.

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