Welding Electrodes & Wires

Sourcing Best Price from China

We produce Premium quality welding consumables and offer the widest array of packaging options. We provide one-to-one service for you, from following up on production, ensuring quality, and delivering products to your door

Prata's Services Always Go Extra Mile

Prata is not only a manufacturer of welding rods and wires but also your long-term partner. We customize packaging and achieve your brand dreams. No matter you need bulk boxes, plastic containers (tubes), vacuum-sealed bags, or display blisters or clamshells for the retail market, We tailor our services to best support your different businesses

Production of copper wire, cable in reels at factory. Cable factory

Premium Quality Raw Material

Choose the best quality raw materials from steel reels to fluxes, and build a better world by developing welding products and solutions to keep you moving forward.

OEM & ODM Available

We offer everything you need for your welding & cutting, filler metals, automation, weld fume control, and safety & PPE needs

Light Fast Delivery

If you don’t need OEM branding, just the finished product, we have the inventory to support fast delivery within 10 days. No limit to MOQ. 

Our Products

We provide electrodes and wire for every process, engineered to maximize quality, precision and durability. They are made from the high-quality steel quality to maximize consistency and weld performance for a wide range of application



About Prata Welding

What's your quality assurance?

We take product quality seriously. We check a higher percentage of random checking products and all goods are approved by International quality certification, for example TUV, ISO9001:2015, ABS and CBW. 

What are the packaging options?

We have molded plastic containers in different colors, high-quality cardboard boxes, vacuum-sealed moisture-proof foil bags, blister cards, and clamshell pop packaging, point of purchase display packs. All packagings have ready tooling and you don’t need to pay any cost outlays. 

What are the raw materials?

For example, for the production of stick welding electrodes, we use H08A iron steel which is the standard qualified material for the core wire of electrodes,  and high-level quality rutile which is imported from Australia.  

What about your price level?

Helping clients get good prices is one of the main goals we help make them competitive. We are transparent and encourage our clients to make product price comparisons to ensure they are always getting a competitive quote from us. Above all, our quality is reliable.

Your Factory Producing Ability?

Our factory has 3 production lines dedicated to the production of welding electrodes and wires, we always have surplus inventory to meet customer’s demands and ensure fast delivery

What's your commitment to customers?

We take our clients seriously, even if their orders are small because we want a long-term relationship. If you receive defective products, we will do our best to get you compensation and reduce your loss. 

Which of your products are selling better?

For mild and low alloy steel welding, we have goods sales of rutile type E6013, basic welding rods E7018, competitive price of Inox electrodes(stainless steel), Verticle down welding cellulosic rods E6011.

What ls the shipping and cargo consolidation?

For goods below 500kg, we can ship them to your destination via International Courier, which takes 3 – 5 days for most countries and regions. If you prefer leaving the importing procedures and domestic logistics in your country to your own freight forwarder or customs broker, we can ship the cargo to the sea, air, or railway port designated by you. We can gather your goods from suppliers located in different cities in China and consolidate them into one container to help you save shipping costs. We are trustworthy and reliable

How do you help customer to grow business?

We have a wide range of products and support OEM branding, design and customize your own packaging, free charge of sample mock-up,  we will guide your every step of the way from the phototype to the final products. 

What are the marketing features for bulk packaging?

Prata has the largest selection available anywhere of unique package choices. The weight option can hold 10pcs to 50pcs of blister retail packs, and 1lb (0.5Kg to 15lbs (7Kg) for the customized weight. We tailor our services to best support clients’ different businesses.

What's the typical feature of your company?

Our value-added service makes you benefit more than others. We offer private branding to be printed on each electrode, and we can customize the colors of electrodes, which will make your product line unique in the marketplaces 

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PRATA’s goal is to let you sit back and relax. We take care of all the messy works, including production, packaging design and logistics etc. Our consultant will keep you informed of the trade progress throughout.

Welding Electrodes

A wide range of stick rods. Mild steel, low alloy, cellulosic vertical down welding, stainless steel and cast iron electrodes


Welding Wires

A high level of welding wires, mild wires CO2, tig rods cut lengths, flux cored wire, self-shielded wires, stainless steel alloys, aluminum mig & tig

An arrays of display packaging of welding electrodes

OEM Packing Solution

Handy packs are popular for retail display.We offer various blister/clamshell packs and OEM branding service. A great demonstration with family look

4 Easy Steps to Work With Prata

Submit your inquiry by telling us what you need. Our customer support will email you in few hours and send relevant product quotes to start your project.

If you prefer to check sample quality before placing order, then we will arrange samples posting and you will confirm if the samples meet your expectations.

Confirm all product details withus before making a bulk order.We will follow up on production, and ensure product quality & packaging details.

We will help you store products in our warehouse, inspect quality, and arrange courier/sea/air shipping to any address in your country.

Let Prata Welding Boost Your Business Today

No matter which welding alloy you are looking for, from a Brazing Rod to an Atomized Spray Powder. Prata can provide virtually any variation packaged to your specifications.